We grew up in the midst of nature. Scouting entered our lives very early on and immediately made us travel through the rawest landscapes of our mountains, sleep under the most starry skies and find light in the most unlikely clearings of the forest. We are from the "land".

From hands dirty with resin after hugging the trees, from the dusty face of the dry earth and from the feet screaming for rest. The best memories we created were always with the “people” of every nook, village or town we went through and therefore, it was early on that we chose to honor them, either by word of mouth or in the stories we told after arriving. home tired, but full of adventures to reveal.

The Serra Project emerges as another way of giving life and voice to these people and their traditions. It arises from the desire to bring the interior of Portugal closer to all Portuguese and the world. We started this adventure with this mission and purpose. As lovers of nature, traditions and outdoor activities, we believe it is our responsibility to promote, protect and preserve these spaces. Thus, whether contributing to the protection of the Iberian lynx and wolf in Gerês, to the maintenance of traditions or to the preservation of nature trails in Serra da Freita, our conviction, commitment, character and attitudes are always and best summarized in respect and trust we have for the outdoors and for the people who make our Portugal so special.

The Serra Project aims to reinvent the way we look at the most rural pieces of clothing. “Serra” because each of our pieces is linked to a mountain in Portugal. Connected through raw materials, customs and mountain models. Each piece fulfills its purpose of democratizing the customs of the interior and helping to finance projects to promote each Mountain, Mountain or Natural Park. Project Serra is a high quality, gender neutral outwear clothing brand that allows you to be comfortable on every hike, camping trip or day in the city and at the same time honor the traditions of our country.

We have the sustainability of products and production as a priority.