How to take care

Our polar knits are produced in Portugal and are of the highest quality. Like the people of the Serras, our jerseys are “hard” and made to last.

Some suggestions for the care of our pieces:

Fleece and burel (wool) have dirt-repellent properties, which is why our garments do not require washing as often. You can choose to air the pieces after a night out in the open or a cold day in the mountains.

If you prefer to wash, pay attention to the following details, also explicit on the label:

  • For the Freita fleece you must be especially careful, as it is made of pure and sensitive materials such as pure wool, cotton and burel. You should never, therefore, take it to the washing machine or dryer. Freita should be hand washed in cold water, with a mild detergent specifically for wool. Then, let it dry naturally, without extending it or using springs, just resting it on a flat, horizontal surface. Freita's scent is quite characteristic for the purity of its materials, so you can, after receiving it, leave it outside to catch the air. Believe me, we tested it and in 24 hours it's ready to use.

  • For the Estrela, Pico and Soajo fleeces, you can wash them in the machine at a temperature of 30 degrees and using a mild detergent.

  • As for the Pico fleece, you should know that our wicker buttons are all treated so they won't get damaged. However, if for some reason your button is damaged, feel free to contact us at, and we will be happy to send you a new one.

We always recommend that all items be washed by hand, with mild detergents and dried naturally, preferably without stretching. This way you will protect even more the high quality and comfort of the mesh.

You must not iron our garments.


Na Serra e na Natureza tudo é delicado e as nossas peças não poderiam ser exceção.