Terms and Conditions


The personal information you provide to Projeto Serra will be used exclusively to support the operation and guarantee the best possible service. Projeto Serra will not share any information with partners without your consent. You have the right to consult your information upon prior request. If the information is incomplete or wrong, you can always edit or delete it. If you wish to cancel your subscription on the Projeto Serra website, please send us an email to info@projetoserra.com.

  • Cookies

We use cookies to improve your browsing experience and use of our website. Cookies identify your computer and allow our website to remember your personal settings.

  • prices

All our prices are in EURO. Projeto Serra reserves the right to change product prices at any time. The prices of each product are valid during the ordering process.

Shipping and Postage

  • international shipping

We ship worldwide for an additional shipping fee.

  • postage

Postage is included for shipments to Portugal. Everything else requires an additional fee.

  • Order Receipt

All orders are normally processed the day after receiving the order. Regarding shipping, the transit time depends on the destination of the order, and we estimate that, for Portugal and Spain, delivery will take between 2-4 working days and, for the European Union, between 4-6 working days. For other destinations the time varies between 6 to 12 business days.

  • Defective or Damaged Orders

If this happens, contact us at info@projetoserra.com, sending a photo of the product, indicating the order number and your personal contact details.

  • Additional Fees (Shipping Not Included)

European Union: All taxes are included. No additional costs.

Outside the European Union: You may be subject to local fees to clear the parcel after it arrives in your country. Any and all fees related to this situation are not our responsibility.

  • Feedback and Complaints

We appreciate any comments you may have about our service. Our aim is to improve it and deal with all issues quickly, fairly and effectively. If you have any complaints or recommendations, send an email to info@projetoserra.com. We will respond as soon as possible.