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Renato Goulart


Renato Goulart is a true man of the land. Born in Lages on Pico Island and with the ability to feel the land like no one else from an early age, he was fascinated by Serra do Pico and, little by little, that same passion took shape, making him the “King of the Mountain”. As he says, the Mountain is his home. But it wasn't always like that: after climbing for the first time at age 7, the memories he keeps are of an immense level of difficulty and very, very cold. After that, he went up again at age 14 with friends and has never stopped since.

Founder and CEO of eXPerience2351 started guided climbs in 1994 making it his life purpose to safely show everyone the priceless beauty of this land and mountain. With 24 years of experience climbing the highest mountain in Portugal (2,351 meters of altitude), Renato performed more than 2,500 totally safe ascents, covering more than 20 thousand kilometers up and down Serra do Pico.

A natural lover of Serra do Pico, so he climbs several times just for fun and because he feels good and happy when he reaches the summit, Renato loves his job and loves nature.


What does this saw make you feel?

It makes me feel “picaroto”, happy and grateful to work on the highest mountain in Portugal. Regardless of whether or not I lead groups, the feeling I have is one of extreme gratitude, because the mountain shaped my body and I shaped the mountain and there is a huge complicity between us. For that alone, I think this mountain makes me a better person. As many words as I can use, I can't find justification or explanation for this feeling of gratitude I feel towards Pico.

Activities in the Sierra, Trekking Tips

On Pico Mountain, only mountaineering activities are allowed. Scalding activities are not allowed because the rock is not good for it. Only walking routes are allowed.

There are several programs to climb to the top of the mountain where it is even possible to spend the night and watch the sunrise, with a privileged view, if the weather permits, as the weather conditions change very quickly here.

Restaurants, accommodation and artisans

In the village of Madalena we have the Ancora D'Ouro Restaurant, the Petisco restaurant and the very popular Café Cinque. They are my favorite places. We also have the Magma Restaurant, which is allied with rural tourism, and the Cella Bar, which is a point of reference on the island.